No score as its not the end of the day. I’m in my cozy truck with the heater on. A chilly day in the desert southwest. Things at work are slow, and our phones are down. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will be spending it with my mom’s parents. This will be my grandma’s last Thanksgiving as she has terminal stage 4 colon cancer. She will be doing chemotherapy and radiation, but the war is lost. 

Things in my life are good. I have a stable home and I am happy. My partner is still struggling with depression, and I am being as supportive as possible. I try to encourage good patterns whenever possible. Cannabis has greatly helped me; I’m getting lots of things done after work with the added energy boost. My evenings are relaxing. Lately we have both been getting stoned and watching lots of Game of Thrones. I have all of it downloaded. Good old piracy. 

I know that this time of year is always a little crunchy. Things get harder, demands are higher, and life speeds up a bit. I can’t believe we’re almost to December. January 15th marks one year with Amanda. We are going strong as allies and I don’t foresee any trouble. We still haven’t fought about anything yet. We’ve had a few pointed discussions, but no yelling or anger. Not even close. 

I’m working extra hard to make some money for us. We are going to take out another loan from Amanda’s retirement in Februrary and pay off some debt. We gave a good plan for success and are moving ahead. I’m hopeful things will improve mood wise and we will be in a resoundingly happy place soon.