Moving Furniture

Score: +3.5

We had our little thanksgiving dinner last night and it was perfect. We cleaned the house up from top to bottom and got it ready for a party the whole day leading up to it. We served Amanda’s Wyoming enchiladas and it was a smash hit. My family met her family for the first time. Although, my dad wasn’t there. He’s been dealing with a gastrointestinal issue and can’t process real food. But people talked and we shared our house. It was awesome. There was a lot of moving furniture around that was done. Lots. We changed everything about the floor plan. And then we put it all back the right way before we went to bed. Phew. 

Today has been a lazy Sunday. We went out and got a Christmas tree. A fake one, mind you. Cats plus real tree equals bad. I did 4 loads of laundry and that felt good to get done. I’m pretty tired. All those stairs between me and the laundry room gets kinda irritating after a couple. 

I think next week will be a good week at work. I don’t know why I think that. Monday’s are always pretty busy. Usually lots of tickets pile up over the weekend. I was on top of it Friday, but that will have changed by now. Weekend guys don’t like to pick up tickets. 

Things are going good in my life. Amanda and I are continuing to get closer. I find out things I didn’t know before still, going on month 10. Things feel like they are solidifying. I really trust her, and I know she has my back. We have been trudging out of a hole for some time, but we are making progress. 

I don’t wish I had spicy things and drama to write about. I like my stable life just the way it is. Things don’t need to go and be interesting all the time. Sometimes interesting is troublesome. I’m proud to be one-dimensional and have a dull life. I feel genuinely fulfilled in my world, wanted, appreciated and loved. I’m in a good spot right now. 

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  1. I don’t think your life is dull in the sense you don’t have drama. I think your life is full with Amanda and being in a good mental space. Sometimes tooting your own horn isn’t so bad 😊

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