Score: +3.5

It wasn’t too bad at work today. I was fortunate to draw a good crew and we took care of our shit. Time went by slowly, however. My energy was largely preserved through the afternoon. 

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, which should be fun. It’s been a while since I was there. I used to be a visitor assistance officer during the first summer of post high school. Before I moved to Santa Barbara. 

I’m happy to be able to relax. I feel good right now and that’s nice. I told Amanda that I was happy with my life. I like what I am building with her. We are a good team. I’ve never felt more sure if her status as a partner in our relationship. I want her to know that she is the priority. Today she told me that she wanted to go to the zoo tomorrow, but because football is on, didn’t know if I wanted to. I’m my mind, there isn’t an argument about the best choice, because it’s obvious. Spending valuable family time together and making memories, or watching sports? She told me Jesse (her ex husbsnd) would decline things like that to stay home and play computer games I guess. He and I are vastly different individuals. 

So it’s winding down to the end of the day, which happens sooner and sooner until we hit the solstice and then head back in the right direction. It’s going to be high 70s and low 80s this next week. Wintertime in San Diego. Eat it Wisconsin. 

7 thoughts on “Resterday

  1. Sounds lovely. It’s 30° here. The Zoo sounds like a wonderful place to visit today. Our Zoo is RIDICULOUSLY expensive, so my kids and i havent gone. The St Louis Zoo has free admission but you pay a “parking fee”-$15. Yep I’ll take that! I’m hoping to take my kids back this summer. We did the zoo in 2 hours and missed ALOT but i got to see the hippos!! My own little safari in the Midwest!
    It’s so good to hear you and Amanda are working so well as a team and making priorities for each other. I envy that, but i am pleased for you both. Hope her depression is getting better, i know it’s hard on you both.
    Enjoy the zoo!!

    • We have an insider who got us tickets for free. Usually it’s like 40+ dollars for a day at the zoo; it’s “world famous” after all. There’s a double-decker tour bus that takes you all around the big attractions at the zoo like the elephants, polar bears, big cats, koalas and many others. They have a great reptile house there too. Amanda and I are doing good, considering how hard things are right now. I feel like we are improving slowly, and I’m stable in the energy department for the most part. We are going to be ok. Things take time to get back to a healthy place when they have been down for as long as they have been. I’m a long-term goals kinda guy… the short term things don’t wear on me as much when the long-term goal is to be considered. Hope you have a good day out there!

      • Oh that’s so super cool! Sounds like your zoo is awesome! That’s great you’re a long-term goals person. 👍
        I’m snuggled down on the couch with my blanket and warm socks and hoodie and pillow. It’s a whole 33°. Fuckthisshit. I need the heat.

      • Yeah I hear you about the cold. I can’t really function when it gets too hot, and there were several days like that this summer where the apartment was out-of-control hot. But the cold is constantly painful if it gets deep and it becomes nigh impossible to do much of anything but huddle in a ball and conserve warmth.

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