Score: +3

I’m getting tired earlier and earlier. Sleep is not the replenishing force it once was in my life. I have entered a sort of slide back down the hill I just finished climbing. 

Amanda and I had our 11 month anniversary today. Time has really zoomed by. I feel like there is still so much I have to learn about her. I know her, but not as deeply as I want. We spend time every day strengthening our bond with good open conversation. 

I’ve largely given up trying to put my foot down in my personal life and at work. Holding my coworkers to an exacting standard was a failure, and inspired no one. At home, I’ve become more relaxed, somewhat less detail oriented. Amanda has taught me a lot about how to let things go. I think I’m getting better at it. 

Blog, I’m fatigued right down to my core. I know I must push through this difficult time, and prevail. I’m laying here under my comforter, groaning at the thought of starting tomorrow. I wish I had more vitality, or strength. The salad is missing it’s croutons. 

Find rejuvenating sleep, all of you. I wish the same for myself.