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Well blog, things are winding down to Christmas. It’s only a couple days away and I’m glad to say that I am prepared. All my shopping is done and my entire day booked solid. It’s going to be awesome, as Christmas typically is. Especially with my family. I’m going to be spending the night with Amanda cooking our own Christmas dinner for her parents and some family. This will be a new one on me. But I’m optimistic. 

Work is slow. Very slow. Call volume is lower, my tickets have been few and far between. I’m really on top of my shit, but I get bored. Being bored is agonizing, because time becomes noticeably slow. I’d rather be busy, and have my day feel shorter than it was. Occupied = yes. 

We are going to eat sushi tonight, and indulge. I’m convincing myself that it’s ok to gain weight during winter because all the best eating and reckless abandon occur at that time. What am I going to do, not eat cookies? Or sour cream bread? Give me a fucking break. It’s WAY more fun my way. Your way smells like toad farts and old broccoli. 

Really no stress today. Things are crawling along. I’m feeling good. 

5 thoughts on “Dull

  1. I’m so glad everything worked out with Amanda, you’ve been so in love with her since the beginning. It makes me so happy to read how happy you are because you really deserve that. (:

    Eat all the cookies & whatever you want. Worry about weight after the holidays!! (:

    • Hey thanks! That’s nice of you to say. We fell in love for all the right reasons. It’s a healthy, mutual friendship. It’s certainly changed the direction of my life.

      Agreed. I have lost weight before and am capable of doing so again, when I’m good and ready.

  2. Toad farts and broccoli BWAHAHAHA! It’s best to indulge while you can-mom said, “I ate then entire bag of fudge striped wafers” with a sad face. I said “ok” and she smiled. Who gives a shit if you wanna eat good tasties?? Not me. Indulge and enjoy!!

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