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Not a good day for me. I barely made it to work and I didn’t stay long. I just couldn’t bring myself to drag out my entire shift. It was overwhelmingly not good being there. 

Sometimes I need a break to just unwind and forget about the world. It all becomes too heavy to carry around. My body tells me it’s time to do something about it. 

My energy is falling. All this week I have been dwindling. Fading slowly as the days go by. I’m doing healthy things though. Amanda and I are trying to eat better. We are incorporating exercise into our routine. I’m sure as we continue to perpetuate this pattern that things will improve. Energy will climb back up. 

I genuinely felt bad today. Off. I was struggling for consciousness this morning. Just hated the thought of getting going. But some mornings are like that. I got myself to work regardless. I cleared out my tickets and left things in good working order. 

My stability is always the priority. I’ll do whatever I need to do to protect myself from calamity. Especially the kind that originates in my brain. Chalk a day up to symptoms, and move on. 

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    • These things usually go on for a day, and a good night’s sleep pushes the brain reset button. You’re right, it will be better tomorrow.

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