Stretchy Time

Score: +2.5

A full 8 hour shift notched. I knew things would be better today compared to yesterday. Sometimes sleep is the best remedy. 

Tomorrow is Friday and we are going to have fun after work. Right now I feel really pooped. It’s only 7 and I’m exhausted. I have a retarded sleep schedule. And it still hurts getting up at 4:30 every day. HURTS. 

My days only seem shorter because I work hard. I’d rather be busy than bored. Amanda is stuck being bored all week and that sucks. She has been texting me more, which I like. But at the cost of her sanity. We talked a lot about the exciting weather we have been having. We had flooding, torrential downpours, thunderstorms, and wind. Apparently this is only the beginning of our weather adventure. We are a couple of peas in a pod when it comes to meteorology. 

I love Amanda. We’re coming up on one year together, and I’m excited. It’s been a hard year, and a year where our faith in each other became stronger. We are doing great trusting each other, and growing dependability. She has had anxieties about me leaving her, like her ex did. Like mine did. But if anything, we learn from experiences. I know that I would never give up on Amanda, no matter how tough it got. Love is stronger than all of that. It’s like the Force, it sorrounds us, penetrates us and binds us together. Love that matters isn’t thrown away. It’s rehabilitated and nurtured through the various tests that are applied to it. In all the failed relationships I have been in, the value of love was not understood, by myself or my partners. With this relationship, I think I finally get it. 

Goodnight blog. Rant over.