Score: +1.5

Energy was in the poop house all day, and mood was not far behind. A sobering blast of cold reality at 4:30 am. I got myself there today, and did the bulk of my work. I left some stuff, but it was all pretty easy. I just wanted to go home. I needed to not be done yet staying in my snugs and lounging about. I played some great games this weekend. It was all over too soon, it seemed. 

Tomorrow I will be back in line. Falling into the routine is hard, and I rarely get it right on the first try. Today I feel disjointed and bewildered. I had a hard time focusing today at work. My mind was not with my body, they were distinctly apart. It’s a strange feeling. But one I do not function well in. So home I went. 

A few days a month are lost like this one was. They are “bad” days where I am limited from normal in some way. It’s not as though I suffer on these days, but I am not all the way myself. I do the best I can until I can’t go on anymore. 

I’m really tired. More so than usual. I think a long sleep will remedy this ailment, as it so often does. Tomorrow is another day. 

3 thoughts on “Flee

  1. Just remember that even the hardest day only has 24 hours and that tomorrow is another opportunity for something better.

    Stay strong!

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