Score: +3

Back to work Monday. Fortunately, I was in good spirits considering the sum of things that needed to be done. My queue was full all day and there wasn’t enough time to get it all completed. It bothers me leaving stuff undone, but whatever. I had a pretty normal output, no weird mood swings or disturbing thoughts. Average was where I was and I was glad to be there. 

I have decided to not buy any more weed for the foreseeable future. It’s too expensive and hasn’t been very rewarding lately. I seem to escalate my use until it is unmaintainable. I was trying to implement a system, but I failed. I had all this time off and I wanted to be stoned for most of it. But I need to get back to real life for a while. I was starting to feel like I had floated away from the ground, if that makes any sense. So I’m putting the breaks on the show, for now. 

We’re back to no-kid mode. It’s always a strange transition, going from one configuration to the next. The apartment seems dead without his energy. 

Well things are going along nicely, for the start of the week. I woke up easily and got to work early. That’s a good start, and hopefully that trend continues.