Next Thing

Score: +3.5

Being busy all day is nice. Time really seems to zoom right along and that appeals to me. My queue was never fully caught up today, which means there will be plenty to do tomorrow. 

Ah Wednesday. It’s not really hump day when you have to work Saturday. 

Amanda and I had a good conversation about the weed today. I was hellbent on quitting, but Amanda thought that was a bad idea. She reflected that I was generally a more happy person when I was using, which I find a valid observation. She also said that I used too much, which I agreed with as well. I let things get out of control over the holidays. With restraint, the weed has more benefits than drawbacks. I am more motivated, less stressed and blissful while on it. For me, it’s not a downer, it’s an upper. Amanda didn’t want me to go through withdrawal, which is a general grumpiness and agitation for several days. I don’t blame her. So we resolved to moderate the intake, and continue using it as prescribed. 

I feel more like I have fallen into rhythm this week. I was 8 minutes late today, as this morning was a real bummer. I had a terrible time going to sleep last night. I was up a couple hours past when I needed to be asleep. Tonight I feel exhausted, so hopefully sleep will find me sooner rather than later. 

Tomorrow is another notch in the belt. 

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