Score: +2.5

When the energy is down, things are harder. Today I endured despite sluggishness, and that stiff feeling you get when its cold. It’s actually cold, so that could have been a part of it…

I’m hopeful we can rebound from the recent hardships we have been through. Amanda is still having a hard time going to work, and there is always something preventing us from resuming normal life. We both yearn for stability, but getting there is another matter entirely. I guess I’m being foolishly optimistic thinking that a return to normal is possible. Normal is insubstantial, because all that matters is the now, and now can be hard, but it is happening and there is no avoiding it. I’m done waisting time hoping for a break. Life doesn’t give out breaks, it gives out knuckle sandwiches. 

Yes things are hard. I’m doing the best I can to survive, and doing a good job of it. I go see Margaret tomorrow and that aught to be fun. Therapy is always refreshing with her. 

Have s good night blog. It’s only Monday. 

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