Down Then Up

Score: 1.5

I’ve been putting off blogging. I haven’t felt much like sharing. I have turned inward a bit and have been struggling with depression for days. Low point was -3.5 which is s record. My energy is in the shit tank. Thankfully, things seem to be improving. 

Amanda and I had an earnest discussion and resolved to divide the household chores more evenly. I know I assumed this extra responsibility but I can’t go on at the speed I was going. I have to start taking smaller steps less leaps and bounds. My psych doctor thinks I was hypo manic for a time before crashing. I think that’s accurate. I even took on more that final week. Then boom. 

I’m doing better now. I’m still struggling in the morning. I had a full day today and it was fine. I kept busy but I just didn’t have the same umph I’ve had in the past. Maybe that’s the mania talking. I need something less than I had but more than I have now. I think things are going the right direction. 

I’m up to 900 mg of lithium. It’s still not even a starter dose but they want blood work done. I’m supposed to go in tomorrow and do it. I have to stay on top of that shit. 

Well, goodnight. I’m hopeful some recharging action will take place. 

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