One Step At A Time

It’s too early in the day for a score.

I’m feeling relieved today. I am disconnected from my stress and about to embark on three days off. I used one of my floating holidays for Monday, since Amanda had the day off too. And Mondays are always such a struggle for me in the first place. So this will be a nice, battery-recharging weekend. When I do go back to work Tuesday, I should feel stable and strong again. At least, that is my hope. There is no way to be sure, and sometime early next week I should be realizing if the increased Lithium is working. I feel improvement now, but I was having a difficult time making energy-saving progress during the work week.

Things at home are relaxed. We are doing a few chores today, but mainly staying at home and lounging about. I feel like I could really use the time, the tranquility, to restore my vitality. That, and a good deal of weed. Ah yes, my succulent green friend, through all of this bad emotional chaos you have been the one bright spot. My worries and depressed symptoms are lifted from me for a time while I am under your sway. But the feeling is fleeting, and not worth chasing all the time. I get breaks from the sadness every now and then, which is something I hold on to. I was prescribed it for this very reason, you know?

The cats are desperate for my attention these days. Wednesday climbs up on the back of my chair and rubs my hair with her head, and Io follows me around meowing until I either pet her or pick her up and pet her. When I come home they both come right to the door to say hello. Sometimes they are mad because they had been without food or water all day, and it’s easy to tell when it’s one of THOSE days. I’m glad to have made two new kitty friends. I seem to have one more often than not in life, and there have been several over the years.

Well blog, I’m already feeling better. Things might just be looking up for a change.