Score: +2.5

Well my work week began today and it was pretty solidly good. Got lots of shit done today, closed out a bunch of tickets. But I’m getting tired of the work. I want to be able to live more securely if I have to do this job. I have asked for a raise and been turned down. I’m thinking the next time I go in there it will be to negotiate or give notice. I’m working with my mom to get me another job opportunity so I can use it as leverage. If they won’t budge to keep me, I’ll go somewhere else and get paid more. The work environment is truly pathetic. I wish for a better office to go to everyday. Some place where being good at your job makes you popular, not the opposite. 

I admit to readin Jax’s blog. I don’t know what drove me to go peak in, but I’m sorry that I did. It just brought all sorts of bad feelings up. So maybe I should just stay away from there altogether. 

My energy could still improve, but I’m pretty happy with how things have started.