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It’s the end of my weekend, and it was eventful and fun. I spent time in the field and hung out with family. Amanda and I just had quite the lazy afternoon. But this has been a good weekend, one that I needed to get my energy level back up. As I lay here writing this, I feel ready and prepared to go back to work tomorrow. Hopefully that positive momentum carries over at 4:30 am. 

I had some weird dreams a few nights ago. I dreamt of Christmas morning is the house we used to live in back when we resided in Scaramento. We were all in our jammies gathered around the tree opening presents. And Jax was there. I even saw her messed up bed hair and funny pajamas. Trouble about this dream is that it is based on a true event, with false elements added too it. I was still a good 3 years away from meeting Jax when I lived in Sacramento. She never saw that house or opened presents there. It was strange because it felt like any old memory could be repurposed with new pain. Like she could just pop in anywhere. So I’m not sure what’s going on. I have been listening to music more lately. That always seems to stir the pot. 

Hope you all had a good weekend. 

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    • But singing and listening to good music is ultimately invigorating more often than not and depressing every once and a while. Sometimes I can’t help but sing even if I’m crying. It’s all passion, and that’s a good thing. It comes from a place of honest expression. So I say bring on the music. It helps me feel alive.

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