Night of Ghost

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It’s 5:38 pm and I’m shaving my face in the bathroom. I am getting ready for Amanda to get home around 6:30 pm. As I am in the bathroom with the door open, I hear and feel the front door to the apartment close. A shudder runs through the unit every time. I thought to myself: oh Amanda must be home early. I hear her purse hit the accumulated stuff on the couch, but I’m not done shaving. I say hello but I don’t hear anything. I get the feeling that she’s standing in the kitchen. I don’t see it, I just feel her in there, her presence, her energy. But as I concentrate on her she feels more like mom, and the kitchen is like home. I stop shaving and walk happily out of the bathroom and around the breakfast bar into the kitchen, where I find the cat meowing, but no one there. A violent chill runs through my whole body, and the cat sees me, and stops meowing. I felt happy, right up until I saw no one there. Then there was nothing. 
I have discussed this with Amanda and her belief is that the supernatural is involved. I think this whole thing is somehow because of Amanda’s ability to attract ghosts, not mine. I’m inert and largely a non believer. But after tonight, I don’t know what to think. 

6 thoughts on “Night of Ghost

    • Yeah me neither. I don’t have an explanation and that’s the scariest part for me. I wish the supernatural would leave me alone.

    • I’m a total non believer, and I’ve had to reconsider my stance. I’m not sure at all what it was. My girlfriend did a Tarot reading while in the area I felt the ghost but we got nothing but history about my past. Strange.

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