Somewhere Further Up The Post

Score: +2.5

I spent a lot of energy today working a full shift plus an hour long therapy session in the middle. I feel pretty exhausted. My therapist recommended we start exercising and I agree. I do basically nothing, and that has to change. I need to be inspired inside myself to motivate; I have to really want it. I know that I need to, and the sooner I do it the better. I have been looking at myself in the mirror and I do not like what I see. I see neglect, and lack of discipline. I see someone who is starting to let things get out of control. I need to change that, and now.

So tonight I discussed all of this with Amanda and she agrees that we need to get moving. I know EVERYTHING will improve if we do this. Now is the time to act. I will get started tomorrow when I get home from work with my crunches and push ups. I want to feel better than I do. Right now, this is not sustainable. I need to change.