Dry Bread

Score: +3

I haven’t felt the need to write as much because things are going good right now. I am a bit on the exhausted side, but I’m still forging ahead into new positive territory. Amanda has been doing dramatically better since we started her hormone replacement treatment. She is motivated, working, and things are generally looking up for us.

I’m tired though. I’m missing a day here or there, but I’m holding into the pattern. This month is going to be a bit crazy, as I have the on call phone next week and work 7 days in a row at the end of the month. Nice paycheck, but ouch. Things at work have been fine for me, not so much for the delinquents. I’m minding my own business, but it sounds to me like management is finally getting tired with the antics. They have been taking people aside and talking to them alone recently. I wonder if the home office is coming down on the supervisors for the behavior of the agents in the call center. All I know for sure is I’m going to keep my head down and make sure I’m busy all day long.

I am in dire straits financially, but next Thursday things will be restored to normal. And there’s a lot of extra money coming in this month. For this I am glad.


Short posts mean things are moving along without conflict or contention. Excellent.