Many Leaves

Score: +2.5

Monday is always harder if one has been a listless vegetable for two days prior. I’m not blaming anyone but myself here, and yes, it is still a matter of fact. Things in my world are holding steady. I’m making a hardcore effort to clock several 40 hour weeks in a row to stabilize my situation. I need consistency. I have to demonstrate this for myself. 

Amanda has been doing better. The hormone therapy is working, and she’s getting to work now more often than not. I’m so proud of her right now. She’s really taking charge and owning her life. We’re going to move by the end of next month, which I’m excited about. We want to start over in our own place. This is a positive development for sure. 

My troubling thoughts are down to a very minimal level. I get bad feelings from time to time, but this all seems natural. Abnormal behaviors acquire my concern. 

My dad is out of rehab and is now in an apartment with my mom while he continues to work towards walking again. Hopefully in a few months he can get there. I know he’s determined. 

We are all just trying to stay floating. Life has dealt some critical blows lately, and we have been reeling. But change towards a positive is coming. Even if at times the tree is bare, there will come a day when it is full of green leaves again. 

7 thoughts on “Many Leaves

  1. thanks for the update. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The wheel of life is always moving -glad you are making your way to the top again :0

    • It’s hard, especially with all the negative voices telling me to quit and go home. I’m enduring. It’s good to challenge oneself with difficult things.

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