I have been in a few relationships, and experienced both great suffering and unfathomable joy. The extremes of my past are as apparent as my disorder, yet I find myself now in uncharted waters. For once in my life I am finally happy, and in a relationship that has both sincerity and strength. I have changed my way of approaching companionship and now I feel significantly more stable. 

Amanda was in a relationship with a bad communicator, so her I ate skills are a tad rusty. But I know she tries and truly does want to have an open discourse in our partnership. We can engage and resolve all in one tidy little conversation on nearly every topic imaginable. I admire her strength, because she as a significantly heavier burden and handles it plus extra. I look up to her when I struggle, and her unwavering calmness despite all the anxious torment in her mind. I’m not saying it’s all fluffy bunnies and scented candles, but we have demonstrated more compatibility than any other partner I have ever had. 

We’re well past a year together, and there are only more options available for solidifying our future together on the horizon. I love her in a way I never thought I could love anyone. Above all else, she makes me feel real, and proud. I am dating a good person, with a kind heart and patience beyond measure. She’s determined and observant. I look forward to 3:10 pm on weekdays because I know my day is about to get a whole lot better. 

Amanda, I adore you. Goodnight. 

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  1. aaaw lovely. I think you are on to a good thing. This sounds like a healthy and balanced relationship. Consistency and communication is everything. So happy all is going well in your relationship :)

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