That Was Different

Score: +3.5

Compared to the utter suckfest of yesterday, my Tuesday was downright awesome! I got a phone interview with a cool company, and I’m really thinking I’m going to make a good impression when I call in on Thursday. I usually get far when I get to talk to someone. I am looking forward to walking in to Mike’s office and laying it all out there. Boom… pay me or I walk. If it happens this fast I would be truly amazed, but my goal is to continue to job search until I land in a place where my talents can be put to better use. I basically created the job I have now, and all the responsibilities therein. 

Then at work the whole Romanian dispatch team sent an email to everyone in our call center thanking me for being so fucking awesome. Needless to say, my peers could give a fuck, but I treasure recognition. I got a bunch of points too in our reward system. I was on cloud nine by the end of the day. 

I need confidence boosts from time to time, and this is just more evidence of how much they need me. Now, if only they would pay me like they need me.

I feel good. I sang on the way home. Amanda bought me some weed. Hot damn I love that woman! Perfect cherry on my day was a bongload of fresh green. It was epic. I’m crawling into bed feeling resolved in my choices, determined to get what I deserve. I’m proud today, as I am greatly appreciated for the quality and effort in the work I do. 

I have teeny tiny anxieties too. They whisper of bad things. I fear the outcomes they describe where I get fucked up the ass. In the business world, it’s easy to see as a possible fate. I don’t give these things a lot of time in the spotlight. I look at them and then throw them aside. Logic has a firm grip on anxiety these days; a symptom of a healthy mind. 

Another day, another check-in. But at least this one had some good shit in it.