The Waiting

Score: +2.5

I’m winding down the last few hours of my day as the work week approaches. I feel like things are teetering on the brink of change. My interview is tomorrow as well, so I have lots of nervous energy dancing around. It seems like excitement and anxiety mixing together. I’m skinny, but otherwise feeling good about things. 

I spent some time with my parents today, it being Mother’s Day and all. I’m broke and couldn’t get anything for Amanda but I told her how I felt. She does such hard work, beyond anything I could do. She deserves a treat but I couldn’t do it. This is why things need to change in my world. 

I’m hopeful for a good outcome tomorrow, but I fear being stuck in this same old pattern again. I hate being so paralyzed by finances, limited. I just want to be out of the hole and on to better things. 

I’m going to lay down early tonight. So many thoughts going around.