Improvement Achieved

Score: +2.5

Huge change today. I felt good, and was able to maintain a high energy level. I got home and still felt in plus territory. 

I have been job searching, but today I found out a new position would be soon available at my current job. Catch is, I have to demonstrate a pattern of consistency. I need to get some cred so I can apply and get it. It would be a QA and training type job. Different from what I am doing now but some the same. I would be in line for a promotion and maybe even the raise I need to forward my life. I was given hope today where I had none. 

I will still keep searching, but would rather stay where I am and be challenged in a new way. That would be ideal. 

I think I hit the bottom, and now I’m coming back up. Still a bit turbulent. I improved more than I was expecting today. 

Well blog, things are looking up. 

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