Things in my world have been stressful these past few weeks, but now seem to be headed in a positive direction. I am working towards a promotion at my job, but nothing is certain. I still have to compete with others. I have confidence that I can emerge from the fray as the victor. I’m conflicted because I’m also interviewing for a job at Petco park on Tuesday. I don’t think I’m going to take it, but it would be nice to have in my back pocket in case MM offers barely any more money along with the promotion. We shall see. 

Amanda and I are in the midst of our glorious three day weekend. We have partied pretty hard up to this point. We’ve made a healthy dent in the 8.0 grams I bought on Thursday. But what can I say? I do like to bake. And thankfully, so does Amanda. I’ve basically ruined that girl. She was all anti pot for most of her life. And now look at her: miss  Smokey McSmokerson. I’m pretty pleased with the whole arrangement. 

My spirits are up. I was very down for a while there, but situation adjusted. Attitude improved. Whatever we want to call it. I had hope before where there was none. I am pleased with the direction things are heading. I just have to hold course. Wish me luck!

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