Score: +3.5

Today I began the training for Oracle with the four new hires. I was pretty much in panic mode leading up to it. I spent hours going over documents, and polishing my activities before everything was to get started. I got in that room and a switch flipped. I started talking, explaining, and eventually, a coherent structure became apparent. I had a plan of attack for teaching this arduous subject. My curriculum worked brilliantly. They did the activities and had lots of great questions. 3/4 clicked, the other I’m paying special attention to so that I’m sure it will. Two of my supervisors have already been in to monitor my sessions. The big kahuna is coming in tomorrow morning to listen. I’m confident now. I have a thing going. I feel the mojo. 

But my oh my did my energy get vacuumed off? I don’t know how I kept up the accelerated pace, but I did. And I put in a shift of more than 8 hours. Same for the next two days. I know I can do this, and win the promotion. I want it. I want out of the hole I’m in. I want a bigger, more expanded life. I work so hard and barely get by; now it’s my time to rise. 

Amanda and I are into week 3 in a row and still going strong. No one has missed any time but there have been many difficult mornings. And rough nights too. But we pull it together just in time to get out the door. Consistency helps promote a healthy life. We are still doing a good job with food, and I believe we are both losing weight, albeit slowly. 

This is a pretty good time to be me right now. I’m pleased with how things are going. 

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