My teaching session is complete, after 4 days of Oracle training. The resounding opinion of my students is that I was their favorite, and that they thought I should be the one to get the promotion. I can’t describe fully how fantastic I feel after going through this. I was anxious and petrified over my teaching, and now, I feel more alive than I have felt in a long time. I gave my all on this one, and it really looks to have paid off. 

Though, nothing is certain yet. I still have to allow time to pass and decisions to be made. I can’t go projecting my future at this point; I’ve been too shocked by reality to believe anything I want will actually work out. I have hope, but I don’t believe anything yet. 

That being said, I am encourage by my boss’s review of my teaching style: I use a very dungeon master way of guiding the students, which I found to be most effective. I would pretend I was a customer, and force them to do the troubleshooting as if they were on the call. They would present solutions and I would continue spinning the reality to get them to perform the troubleshooting step that will fix the problem. When my boss was sitting in, he had a HUGE smile on his face while I did my thing. It was so gratifying. All that panic melted away, and I was in my element, doing my thing. It was epic. 

I really do feel like my students absorbed the material they needed to. They were doing near-perfect exchanges and dispatches on the last day. They will require more help long-term since they didn’t get a full two weeks like I got. But they will be fine. 

This was the best week I’ve had at mood since I started. I hope it is the thing I continue to do going forward. I really do.