Score: +2

It was a brutal first day back. My energy was low, and I barely made it in. But I got there, and I toughed out my shift. Monday. And the work today was dreadful and ceaseless. I never got caught up. 

But enough about work. In the personal domain, things are good. My life is headed in a more positive direction. I’m hopeful I will be promoted and get to do much more interesting work. I need change sometimes to re-inspire my interest in the world. I do ok in patterns, but the variables keep me alive. Right now, things are potentially transitioning and I’m anxious. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. The ambiguity is frustrating. 

Now it’s family time. Just the three of us kicking it on week nights. I am hoping my energy improves tomorrow. Right now, holy shit. Where is the impulse to get up and go going to come from? Might be another multi-coffee-pot morning. No, very likely.