…To Those Who Wait

Score: +3

At long last, after a month of application qualifications, the promotion is mine. I had an idea all along, as I put in above and beyond energy in all stages of the analysis of the candidates. I didn’t know for sure until today, and BOY am I relieved. I was struggling to make ends meet, and kicking the can farther down the road. Now, I won’t have to worry about that again. I am so relieved. I was spinning and spinning last night thinking about it. I have been given stability, and a fresh start doing something unique. I’m really happy about all of this. 

Life has been stable of late. I have not missed any work in a good long while. I find myself thinking about how far I’ve come. Remember when I was living outside an RV for 4 months?  

I met the whole family tonight with David there in celebration of Amanda’s mom’s birthday. I had not met David, and he’s a cool guy. Kathy was there too. It was good. We talked and they congratulated me on my promotion. We ate dinner and laughed. 

I’ve been so tired. I have to energy for games anymore. I play scrabble now and that’s the extent of it. Maybe bookworm but meh. Anyway, I think my energy is indeed going to improve as the new life takes effect. 

I’m going to bed. More early mornings still ahead in my calendar. At least, for now. 

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