Transition Time

Score: +2

It’s my last week of having to be the master of three ticketing systems. The guy I was supposed to teach to be my replacement didn’t show up today. I don’t think they can expect the same quality of service that I delivered. I’m just looking forward to having a lighter workload. 

We locked in to a 9 month lease. Part of the reasoning being that I need to recessetate my savings, and stabilize financially. It keeps our rent from going up for a while. At least. Amanda just had a huge family adventure getting her parents out of the squalor they were enduring. So the kids rallied together and saved the parents, much to their protest. I got to meet older brother David, who seems like a level-headed fellow. He’s been through some shit, and it’s good to see people who have strive for normalcy. 

Things are ok in my world. I’m not as tired as I usually am on a Monday. Tomorrow is a fresh start. Just checking in. 

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