Score: +3.5

I’ve been doing my new job for two days now and it’s fucking awesome. The experience has been wonderful. I’ve been in video meetings, helped lay the groundwork for a new department and learned two new software interfaces. I’m absorbing and doing the best I can to stay busy. The work is compelling. Though, I will probably be the new most hated person in the office. I deliver one-on-ones after doing my evaluations. Everything is documented. So those will be tough. But overall, I’m going to enjoy it. 

More importantly, this feels like a graduation moment in my life. I’ve never been promoted before, and never conceived of a 33% raise. I feel relieved that the evaluation process is over, and sorta still in shock about the new job. Is this really happening to me? You mean, hard work really does pay off?

Right now, things are as good as they’ve been in a while. Amanda’s flare up is finally subsiding, and she’s going back to work tomorrow. We bought an elliptical (which I assembled) and are planning on daily cardiovascular exercise. We set it up in the living room behind the couch, facing the tv. This is a positive activity which will yield substantial health benefits over time. We could both use it, and there’s no telling what secret energy we have yet to unlock as time passes. So plus territory, that’s for sure. 

I’m doing great blog. I’m really finally feeling like I’ve moved on from my past life. I’ve let go of even the faintest curiosities. My life is so fantabulous right now, why bother dwelling in the past? I’m too preoccupied enjoying every perk of my cushy new existence. 

Have a great night. 

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