The Cycle

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Down day for me today. I had difficulty at work and only put in a half-day. I am feeling cripplingly lethargic and achy. But I am going to exercise today because I feel that helps in times like this, when the body feels stiff in decay. I need the blood pumping, the juices flowing. Clear my head of the negative thoughts I have. Amanda is having similar difficulties this week. She did not go in, and will not until Wednesday at the earliest. I talked with her some today about the things that have been on her mind, and we walked through rationalizing some fears and anxieties. We also discussed the source of her sadness, and how we can frame things differently to take the pain out of those recollections. After the Jesse letdown, there was bound to be fallout.

But I hope that tomorrow brings a newfound energy. I seemed to take a step backwards over the weekend. Whatever the reason, I need to redouble my efforts to have a better Tuesday. I know things are going to be fine, I just need to get back on track. We both need to get on track. She goes to see per lame psychiatrist tomorrow and he will tell her nothing of use and send her away without changing her meds. I’m pessimistic because I have good reason to be. Though, we are party to deception, as she does not take the anti-psychotics he prescribes.

Hope you all have a good evening.

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