Score: +3

A lot of my score was improved mood. I felt like energy took a step back. I drank a lot of coffee today, to no avail. I also have persistent anxiety, especially in the evenings. It’s been bothering me the past several nights. I don’t know what I’m anxious about really, it feels detached from reason. I struggle nonetheless. 

Today was a full day. I did a lot of invented work as the responsibilities of my job have yet to be authorized. Eventually I will be busy, and for now, at least I am motivated to be productive. I’m creating documents and taking notes all day long. I have three meetings tomorrow, which I am excited about. Things are moving along. 

Well, today was an improvement. I have to climb out of this energy slump somehow. My hope is that Amanda gets back to work tomorrow and we enter our regular routine again. We are making steps towards getting on track. I need to reinforce a positive pattern for myself this week. I need to get past this emptiness and on with my life. 

You know, being mentally ill is really fucking hard. 

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