Getting It Back

Score: +3.5

Things are stable right now and that’s key. I have been plugging away for multiple months and actually building PTO. Remember all thisev”off day” posts I had a while back? I know this new path I’m on will change me, and has already started to. 

Amanda is out this week for sure. I sad because I know she’s struggling and sometimes all I can do is be there for her. I want her to know I have her back, and that if she needs to take time to get right, take it. Anything to get us back to a healthy place. I know we are going to get there, as we keep taking steps in the right direction. I have to discover within myself how I can help us both through this time. 

I spent an afternoon with my parents yesterday. They seem to be holding it down. My dad still can’t walk on his own, but he is making progress by taking on getting up on his own and getting to his walker. I know he wants to walk, but he doesn’t let it beat him down every day that he can’t. He makes a joke instead. I admire his courage. 

Tomorrow is Friday, and we have a busy weekend ahead. Somewhere in all the fun I need to get my laundry done. Practical, yep, got that down.