Day 4

Score: +3

I did housework all by myself today. I missed hearing her working on things in the background. That echo of her just being there. This is the major hurtle I have to living normally. I want to feel her there, and right now, she’s not. I did a lot today, and then I got ready to go see her. 

I drove out to Lakeside and picked up Tristan, and then drove to Vista Mesa. I brought him all the way to her, and we were joined by her mom and sister. We all hung out for a while and were together. Her son had questions for me which I fielded gracefully about why she was in the hospital. He also wanted to stay with Amanda and I and not with his dad. He whined about going back a little. But it was a long day driving. 

Amanda gets another treatment tomorrow. After I get off work, I will see how she is doing. I’m nervous her side effects will be worse this time around. They were with her roommate. 

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