Day 5

Score: +3

Today was busy, and good. I got to see Amanda over my lunch break since she’s so close to work. She was doing surprisingly well considering she’d had a treatment three hours earlier. She’s in improving spirits. I’m encouraged by the signs so far. I know she’s going to be sore tomorrow. I’m going out there for dinner instead of an early visit. That aught to be fun. In the meantime, I am alone in the house every evening with one indifferent can and one cat having a meltdown. 

Wednesday needs constant reassurance. She meows sadly, pathetically, and won’t be quiet until I meet her on the back of the office chair and pay attention to her. It’s all very purr making. Now, however, she’s so lonely and scared that she sits next to me like she used to sit next to Amanda. 

She never sits by me this way when Amanda is here. It’s a concession, in a way. Your the last one left, so I guess I’ll stick close to you. 

I hope they go apeshit when she comes home on Saturday. Though, Io seems oddly immune to stress about mom being gone. She’s also really really retarded. Who’s gone? 

More post dinner tomorrow. 

3 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Isn’t it strange how catss react when someone is around vs away? Glad to hear she’s in better spirits. Hopefully she won’t hurt so bad tomorrow. You’re both doing very well.

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