Day 7 (Sorta)

Amanda came home, and things feel right again. The cat has calmed down. My friend is back to talk to me. And she’s been sorting through her shit. Her blog is exploding right now. Her struggle is with her past, and forgiving herself for mistakes. We all do retarded shit we inevitably regret. And then later we think back on it and take something meaningful from it all. This is a healthy process. We can’t live “now” with the weight of “then” on our shoulders. 

I’m going to do the best I can to facilitate her journey. Whatever obstacles head our way, I will be there. That’s what real love is all about. I feel excited to show her how much I care. 

Work has finally started to be interesting. I’m going to be evaluating calls as early as next week. Four per agent. Twenty four agents. My presentation was given today as well as my handouts. I worked hard to make the transition for these guys as smooth as possible. There has been a mixed reaction so far. I really hope we can keep them all. I don’t like when people leave. It is traumatizing in a way. Someone who was always there is gone. Regardless of how close we are, familiarity is multifaceted. 

I’m glad that life is headed in a positive direction again. Amanda is growing and changing as she copes with her past. It was a struggle for me, I know. It could take her a long time. I’m glad she has the ambition to pursue disconnecting from it. 

Happy Friday tomorrow.