Score: +2.5

I’m having a lot of anxiety right now. I’m feeling it attaching itself to insecurities at work. Am I walking hard enough? Do they see how I’m trying? I hope they do. I have insecurities because I don’t know what they think of me. Ultimately. So I worry about what they might perceive about me. I just have to put my head down and produce. All of this will evaporate once I am back there and in the flow. I guess this is also just the anxiety of knowing the weekend is coming to a close. I should feel positive about that though, and not worried. My state is the result of biological withdrawal from fun time causing unwanted thought processes. Nevertheless, I fear things. Dread certain confrontations. May the dark events portrayed by my anxious delusions never come to pass. 

I’m just going to relax, play some Scrabble and watching preseason football. Nothing I can do about anything now. 

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