That’s How We Do That

I guess you could say Amanda and j just had a “fight.”

I have noticed that since she got out of the hospital, Amanda has been on her computer doing art and Internet stuff. And nothing else. In my mind, too much of a good thing is a bad thing, do I brought this up to her. I said that she was demonstrating a negative and obsessive behavior pattern and that we need to mix up her daily activities so that there is some variety. My suggestions were housework, exercise or walk around the block.  

Amanda took my observation and suggestions  as a criticism of her having not done any housework since she got back. She got defensive, and deservedly so. I did get carried away with frustration when she put up her shields. I exaggerated and used direct language to convey my message. But this was not conducive to a constructive conversation. Then, she paraphrased me incorrectly in a mocking tone which got my panties in a bunch. So I stormed off to pout. 

But Amanda came in and I clarified that I was making a mental health observation not demanding she do housework. I accepted her apology for how she talked to me. I kissed her hand and we resolved the discourse peacefully. 

It’s really great to be in a relationship with a good communicator. We have never really been mad at each other. I’ve never cursed at her, nor she to me. Right now, I feel good. Resolved. 

We have one of these every few months… that’s about as dicey as it gets around here. 

3 thoughts on “That’s How We Do That

  1. Glad you two could talk about things and resolve them. That’s alot of work for alot of people, and work they don’t want to put in. I can see why you both got upset, and glad you resolved it :)

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