Onward Ho

Score: +3

So I’m recovering from surgery. Fortunately, the organ in question is unnaturally pliable and resillient, so the pain has not at all been a problem. But going to the water park is off for me since I would be risking infection. As of this moment, I’m not to be walking anywhere. Amanda has been taking care of me. She’s adorable. 

I’m looking forward to getting back to work next week. I’ve been wanting to send out this email about the next round of evaluations. The agents will pick their own call to be reviewed. I think it will go over well. 

I got a chance to talk to my mom today. She has been dealt some pretty heavy blows. My dad will never walk again. He will need that walker they rest of his life. She knows her future is confined by this, but I tried to help her see the possibility for hope. If my dad just gives up, I’m going to be unhappy. He should develop a better attitude about things. There’s no point in mourning or wishing you were dead. I think he will cope better with time. He must. But I told her I think this will make them closer and more aware of how much they need each other. Friends through thick and thin. 

So we talked for a while. And then we had a conversation about the race to Proxima Centauri, where an Earth-like planet has been found a mere 4.4 light years away. We could conceivably send a probe, but with conventional methods it would take thousands of years. It’s a great puzzle to solve, and the race has just begun. Perhaps in my lifetime, I will see a picture of the surface of an alien planet. The possibility for first contact is very real. 
Have a good night blog.