Score: +2.5

I’m regaining most of my mobility at this point. Just some residual soreness. But I managed to do my laundry and run errands. I’m ready to go get back after it. Things will stabilize this week as Gerry will take Amanda to ECT tomorrow and Wednesday. I thank her for letting my week get off to the right start. It’s so critical to establish a good pace right from Monday, and let it carry you through. But a fractured Monday leads to a fractured week. The evidence is right there in both my scores and my attendance. But tomorrow, I will be in on time and out on time and things will be rock solid this week. Amanda is looking out for me, and I appreciate that. 

I feel rested and ready. I know what I have to do, and I look forward to it. Football will be here soon, I’m trying not to get all crazy about it. It’s better to be mellow, I’ve found. Take it in, calmly. 

I know that I go into this next week feeling good. Positive. Motivated. I have a driving push towards bettering my position, expanding it, and creating new content. I feel empowered by my new role. Can I still say new? I’m pretty familiar wit it now. 

Anyway, take care blog. May your Monday start positively.