Busily Alone

I have an eventful weekend ahead. I’ve made plans for myself so that I am not overcome by boredom and anxiety, which is what used to happen to me in those situations. 

I was feeling a little down a while ago, but I did a mile on the elliptical and now I feel much better. That really helps take the physical anxiety away. Burns it up like paper in fire. 

Now I’m on the couch with the tv on but muted. I think I want to try meditating or at least attempting to. The war with monkey mind is ongoing. 

I feel good right now. I’m happy knowing that Amanda is having fun with her friend. I am glad to be at the very start of a long weekend. I am grateful for my bed, and the two ridiculous cats that live here too. This life is the best I’ve known, and I must fight to stay in it. I want to be both present and accountable in my reality. 

I am supposed to talk to my friend Will but I have not heard back for a couple hours. 

Maybe I will have a nightcap post, maybe not.