I need to be ok just being in a quiet space by myself, not occupying every moment of my time with a distraction. This is part of the test of my new direction. 

So I did spend some time with my family in the morning. I watched Hard Knocks with my dad. Then I came home and the cats went fucking crazy on me. Meowing, bumping into me, meowing some more, but in earnest this time. It took about an hour to settle them down, but eventually they went to sleep. 

I have done a mile on the elliptical. I’m going to do another one later in the afternoon. 

I am also going to spend some time just sitting in a quiet space, trying to control monkey mind. I need practice in this area. Desperately. 

Tomorrow both my leagues are drafting. One in the morning, the other at night. I’ve never been more underprepared for a draft, but I don’t really care. I have just so many other things I’m thinking about. I’m trying to be less and less wound up by the NFL. I mean, I still enjoy it, but I’m not obsessed like I used to be. 

I talked with a friend who lives in Italy who is going through a separation and divorce. She is coming to visit soon, and we are going to the desert to do some rockhounding. Im sad because in her situation, her mentally ill partner won’t get help and believes aliens are responsible for his mood problems. Ok. I’m serious. I read the article he forewarded, and it’s fucking nuts. I know that when I have a problem, I recognize and address as quickly as possible. But Andrea is locked in a delusion from which there is no escape. It bums me out. Angi doesn’t deserve that. 

Well, I will do a post after I try to meditate, and let you know how that goes.