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The way I see it, I can control myself much better than I had been recently. Part of the all-encompassing overhaul of my reality is that I need to be able to control myself. I need to be able to set a boundary and not cross it. I have been giving in to temptation and behaving like a hedonist. My world started to fall apart because I had relinquished control. Well, the days of that are over. 

I will make controlling myself a part of my journey towards a healthier life. I will not only set boundaries, but goals as well. I can succeed in my life if I have mastery of it. So now I’m thinking that I will need to put my boundary-setting discipline to the test. In time, I will reintroduce my vices and actually control myself. I will not fall into an abusive pattern, I will be measured and respectful at all times. Just like how I want to meditate to better control my thoughts, so to do I wish to control my desires and compulsions. Discipline! 

Well I’m getting ready for draft 2. Less concerned about this one. Just going to have fun with it. 

I’m still sick. I need to kill this mothetfucker. EXTERMINATE. 

Goodbye for now. 

2 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. Discipline and boundaries are hard for me too. It’s totally not an easy thing to do.

    By the way, “EXTERMINATE” was totally read as one would for a Dalek. You totally just made me smile.

    Feel better!

    • Hahaha, that’s awesome. It wasn’t an intentional reference, but I am nevertheless glad it made you smile. I’m going to work on my basic boundaries first, and expand back into my vices when I feel confident I can maintain a strong enough willpower.

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