Well blog, it’s a new day. Unfortunately that day started at 3:30 again. But in consolation, Amanda was also awake so we had a chance to chat for a while. She has been cranking out the art of late. Check out what she’s been doing with Photoshop here

Meanwhile, back at Arkham, I’m doing chores in preparation for an uninterrupted block of draft time for the money league. Which is coming up at 10 pacific. Later tonight the league that I am commissioner of will draft. This stage is absolutely pivotal, and dictates the majority of outcomes for the 2016 NFL season. If I don’t draft well, I’ll have no fun this year and not be competitive or relevant. So I’m thinking about that. 

I scrubbed most of the mold out of the shower, but it was pretty stuck on there in some places. I also scrubbed the bottom of the tub to get all the stuck-on dirt to go away. After that, I vacuumed most of the apartment with the exception of Tristan’s room, which I still need to clean. I will also hammer out the dishes and clean both bathrooms. I want Amanda to be surprised when she comes home. And relieved, knowing most everything has been taken care of. 

My stomach bug may be finally dying. Hopefully it’s not just an anomaly. I guess I’ll find out later today. 

Mood wise, I feel pretty solid. This is like Saturday part two, so I’m pretty happy that today will not be the end of my break. I have lots going on to keep myself occupied, and I will also make some time for meditation again. Today is just getting going, but already off to a promising start. Now to put some good mental health actions into my reality.