I’m A Jerkus

Score: +1.5

It’s true, and I know it. But at least I managed to catch myself in the act of being a jerk and correct it. I snapped at Amanda about something she posted on her blog, and I really had no right to do so. I’m a little wound up right now and having a tough go of what was supposed to be a better week for me. In truth, I have not felt great at all so far, and my sleep patterns are all fucked up. It’s going to be hard to push through the rest of the way with a smile. 

I did get to see old high school friend Angi today, and we basically just went through all the trials of the last year. It was tough going over all the really terrible things that have happened, but I think I was resolved to rise up in the face of said obstacles and overcome. I must move forward, I must endure. Yeah life is a motherfucker sometimes, but that’s just the way it is. Like it or not. 

Amanda and I had a great talk when we came home. I feel much more resolved and complete at this juncture. Being home for the evening is very nice. I’m full of food, well conversed, and feeling everything winding down. Tonight I will rest soundly, and wake up at a decent time, I hope. 

Goodnight, and may better days lie ahead. 

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