Score: +3.5

I was in a rut a few days ago, but I got back to introspection and things are going better now. The heat and humidity has caused a slight divergence from my regular pattern of exercise, but I will be regular with it again soon. I’m still not smoking and not even thinking about it much. I think I like who I am now, without all the haze. 

Work has been good, and much less stressful than the week before. So I’m happier with that being the case. Amanda and I have also been having some really good conversations lately. Some deep shit; contemplative subjects. Our relationship is strong and balanced at this time, even though Amanda will still be in treatment for most of this month. She started to relapse and told the doctor. He prescribed another medication and more ECT. I do believe the treatment is working overall. 

I have done three Blue Apron dinners since I am cooking-disabled and have very little skills in this area. But they bring you all the untreated components to three meals and it’s up to you to prepare it properly. Personally, I had a great time making these unique dishes. It was hard work, but a lot of fun and very nutritious. I’m going to keep paying for it for the foreseeable future as I think it’s fucking awesome. Not cheap, but now that I’m not buying weed, very doable. 

Tomorrow is NFL Sunday starting at 6:30 am pacific time with a London game. Football from sunup to nightfall. I love days like that. It’s even better if my fantasy teams win but I think this weekend will be a split. But who knows. 

There were some disturbing signs that the San Andreas fault is starting to buckle. Hundreds of earthquakes began swarming under the Salton Sea a few days ago, at the plate boundary. I’m concerned because things will become intolerably bad here when it hits. No water, no power, no functioning. My plan is to leave town if it goes on too long with no power. I’ll head for Arizona. Most likely. I haven’t given it much thought. But I guess I should have a better plan. 

Have a good weekend blog.