Score: +3

I got a place to live today blog. It is a downstairs studio which I adore and should easily hold all my stuff. I will get rid of the storage unit and save some more money there too. Things are finally looking up for me. I know I really wanted this place, and I made sure I got it. I withdrew the money today and I will be handing it over tomorrow. I have already signed the lease. Oh blog, I’m just so happy that I am going to be living on my own and in my own sacred space. I do enjoy living with people, but I do think it is good planning to always have my own place to go should anything fall apart. I’m relieved to be in the position I am now. 

My sister got married, and that was quite the event. I’ve been partying for the last 2 days in huge groups of people. I conversed with strangers and had a good time. Amanda was with me last night at the wedding, but I think it would have been much better for her to have stayed home. It was too overwhelming with so many strange people everywhere. It was highly traumatic. I caused her a great deal of distress but I guess neither of us knew that she would suffer so much. I tried to get us out of the party as soon as was possible. I felt like she was being trampled on the longer I kept us there. 

Tonight we convened in a much smaller venue at a private room in an old town Mexican restaurant. I met lots of people, and some for the second or third time. Held long and interesting conversations. It was good. I was in high spirits since I got my own place today. It was a solid evening. And I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. Positive. 

I start my colonoscopy treatment tomorrow, followed by a colonoscopy on Monday. It’s about time I did this, as there’s cancer everywhere in my family. Both sides of it. So, I need to get checked out. Back to work on Tuesday. 

Well blog, an eventful day indeed.