Tuesday Thoughtstream

Score: +1.5

I have a significant energy problem, as indicated by today’s score. I seem to be falling into a trough. Maybe some determination is an order? While I agree, it won’t bring core energy back, but I think an inspiring diet and exercise will. But those take time, and dedication before profits are earned. However, I’m tired of the way I feel; I’m motivated to do something about it. I have the resources at my disposal to achieve success. I have already started in a positive direction, I’m just struggling emotionally. My energy is a daily problem, but today was also an improvement. Monday was garbage. I fared better even from the start of the day and think the same will be true of tomorrow. I will get the result I am looking for with perseverance. I will not be disrupted; I must rebuild the house of ME. Maybe I should start another project page on the blog? It doesn’t need to be praised, it should just happen. I need to execute a pattern, going forward. There are many thoughts on this subject. But it all starts with one good first step, and I feel I earned that tonight. I need to concentrate on getting healthy. One incremental moment to the next. Progress. Patience. Prevail.