Score: +3

Today was pretty rock solid. I got a ton of stuff done and got to work the last two hours from home. My job is super flexible like that. It was above average today. So I’m happy about that. 

Really though, I’m just trying to be ok… specifically now that I am alone here in my apartment. I need to be able to just be here and prosper in the silence. I have been doing really good with exercise. I’m up to 1.5 miles a day on the elliptical and I’ve put well over 50 on the odometer. My diet could use improving, but that’s mainly to do with me being broke. But payday is tomorrow. This is going to be a tight squeeze this month. But overall, I’m just thinking out loud here in the quiet. I have traditionally struggled in these situations, but as of now I seem to be doing fine. I think I’m going to cope by writing a lot. 

Yes, I’m doing pretty good. I need to be the strong one right now. One day, she will rise up and become who she is inside. It’s a day I am looking forward to immensely. She deserves to be free of the suffering. An artist needs a life dedicated to creativity, and free of stress. I know we are on the road that leads there. Someday soon. 

Well I lost like I said I would last night. Odds were not in my favor. This week looks promising though. Lots of scoring potential. I eagerly await the first three on thanksgiving. 

Have a good night blog. I’m already kinda sleepy, and the sun is still up. Bah.