Score: +3.5

So I’ve been thinking about my hair, and all of the new ways it has changed my life. I am undecided as to whether there has been improvement in quality of life but, instead, more reflective of the new stimulation it causes via its presence. I have several thoughts on this subject: namely, how it feels to have this much hair is both novel and shocking. I don’t know how women who choose to grow out their hair survive at all. It weighs a ton when wet, and stays wet for a long time even after a vigorous towel scrub. It goes everywhere, all the time, unless forcefully controlled. I spend 35% of my weekends pulling hair out of my mouth. Even under lock and chain, it is always trying to find ways to escape. My hair has many compromising traits because of my unfamiliarity to endure having it so long. This is uncharted ground. I had a rat tail when I was a kid, but my hair now is the real deal. I’ve never ventured THIS far out before. So, naturally, I was caught flat footed against the onslaught of change. 

Subsequently, Amanda thinks I look ok like white Jesus with it wet and draped about my shoulders. Pretty sure Jesus would have had a beard, not a chin-tee. Second, I feel kinda rad being so dedicated to something. I have been stable for going on 3 years, with Amanda for 2 and growing my hair out 1.25. I’m setting little life milestones as I journey to seek ongoing stability. I like working for things, and growing my hair out was something I could work towards. Trust me, being a guy who exclusively shaved his head every 3 months, this was hard. I thought about it. But then, it mattered to Amanda and I like achieving goals. So it worked out. And I have continued to allow the hair to grow, uninhibited, despite primal urges to obliterate it. I will continue to do so until I have met my length goal and then it will be trimmed but not reduced in splendor. I feel quite fabulous with my hair. I feel older too. Somehow. 

I might complain about it, but there are always two sides to every story. It is also great. It can be both without self-destructing. I continue to adjust to untangling knots, but I am still glad I am doing this. Keeping my world replete with distractions is part of the success I’m having. Complacency and boredom are not welcome here. 

There. Hair rant turned into a mental health plug. That’s how you segway,bitch.